Hello, website owner!

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Hello, website owner!

Post  Pierre on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:28 pm

Hello! I found a new affiliate network, and they have many incentive offers (about 100+ totally) that pay you up to 5$ for free sign up . The url is www . cpaocean . com . They auto approve their affiliates. You have a ptc (ptr) website and you can be earning good money making your users sign up at these. This company pays each month in the end of month. Jusat imagine if you have say 300 users and make them sign up for 25 offers that pay 2$ each, and make them sign up for 3 offers that pay 5$, you can make = (300 users *25 offers *2$)+( 300 users *3 offers * 5$) = $15000+4500$=19500$. Think of it. Thanks.


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