$1 EACH DAY. $0.04 per click.25 ads a day.

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$1 EACH DAY. $0.04 per click.25 ads a day.

Post  otukwesidaniel on Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:31 am

$1 EACH DAY. $0.04 per click.25 ads a day.
Until I discovered this site, I never knew it was soo easy to make money online.I have cashed out $615 so far mostly through the referral system.3 levels deep.You are so lucky today to see this post.please concentrate on this site.
0.04 $ per click
0.002$ ref click
25 ad / day
5$ AP payout
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If you don't find ads just download this addon for Mozilla firefox

In the case of Google chrome, download a PAGE MONITOR EXTENSION.It will blink or sound to notify you of ads when placed on the board.


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